Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

In Sanskrit, the word "Bhujanga" means 'cobra'. In the final posture of this asana, the trunk resembles a cobra with its hood raised while the joined legs represent the tail.


  1. Lie down on your abdomen with the forehead and nose touching the ground.
  2. Keep your hands on either side with palms facing upward.
  3. Legs should be close together with heels touching each other.
  4. The soles should be facing upwards.
  5. Relax.
  6. Now bring the palms of both hands to the shoulder level so that they are parallel. Place palms flat on the ground with fingers close together.
  7. Make sure the elbows are touching the sides.
  8. Raise your head and place the chin on the floor.
  9. Slowly raise your head further bending the neck and head backwards to the maximum limit. Do not raise the chest yet from the ground.
  10. Inhale. Balancing on the palms further raise the head, shoulders, chest and the abdomen in a smooth flow. The navel should be touching the ground.
  11. Tense the muscles of the back and the nape.
  12. Try to bend the neck and head as far back as possible.
  13. The spinal column should be curved up gradually and in a continuous move, releasing the pressure on the palms.
  14. Look up and fix your gaze..
  15. Make sure both the legs are close together.
  16. Hold your breath and stay in the posture as long as you feel comfortable
  17. Slowly return to the initial position in the reverse order. Exhale while assuming the starting posture.


  • Always perform the pose on an empty stomach.
  • Do not practice Bhujangasana during pregnancy.
  • People suffering from hernia, peptic ulcer and high blood pressure should not perform this asana.


  • Flab is reduced especially of the hips, abdomen and waist.
  • This asana helps overcome fatigue after a tiring day.
  • Bhujangasana helps to get a proper posture and also get rid of back humps.
  • Your posterior, arms, shoulders and wrists will become stronger.
  • People with low blood pressure should practice Bhujangasana
  • Stiff neck and back can be treated with this pose.
  • It helps relieve all pains in the neck and the back.
  • Your digestive system improves and can be helpful in treating loss of appetite.


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