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Doshas and Ayurveda Body Types

The subtle energies of body are known as Doshas. There are three Doshas or “Tridosha” as described by Ayurveda- Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda insists on maintaining the balance among these three doshas for achieving ultimate health. By establishing balance among the three doshas, one can bring equilibrium of mind, body and soul. Ayurvedic therapies place much importance on balancing doshas to avoid diseases..

Each person is a combination of the three types of doshas which consists of five universal elements- the PanchbhouticSiddanth:
  • Aakash (space)
  • Vaayu (air)
  • Prithvi (earth)
  • Agni (fire)
  • Jal (water)
Vatha is the combination of air and space. Pitta consists dominantly of fire with some water. Kapha is dominantly water with some earth.

Health and longevity depends on balanced doshas. One can bring this balance through proper 'Aahar' (diet), 'Yoga' (exercise), 'Aahar Pachan' (digestion), and 'Shodhan' (elimination of toxins).

Ayurveda Body Types

All human beings are broadly categorized into three body types- Vaata Type Body; Pitta Type Body; and Kapha Type Body. They are named on the basis of the dominating dosha in the body. However, not always the bodies have predominance of one single dosha. Sometimes there is the state of combined energy when two doshas are at similar level. In such condition, the body types are defined as vatha-pitta, vatha-kapha, pitta-kapha, etc. based on the presence of doshas.

The Vaata Type Body : People with Vata type body tend to be fast, creative, thin and strong. Their primary organ is the colon. Such people need a daily life that is active and challenging so that they may use up their energy. Travel, especially by air, can imbalance Vata. They are aggravated by cold, frozen or dried foods. They should eat warm and moist foods and avoid extreme cold, raw and frozen foods. They should also maintain a regular routine in whatever they do.

The Pitta Type Body : People having a Pitta type body are determined and strong willed. They have good digestion. Their primary organs are the small intestine and stomach. They tend to be hot and oily. As Pitta is associated with the fire element, these people have a fiery quality. In situation of imbalanced, they develop skin problems like rashes, burning, inflammation. They are also prone to fever, ulcers, anger, jealousy, and copious urine. They should try to remain cool and avoid excess heat, steam or humidity. Excessively oily food or fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, hot spices, and salt is also harmful for them. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for them. They should always try to get good amount of fresh air. Suppression of emotions is not good for such people.

The Kapha Type Body : People with Kapha type body have good endurance, strength and stamina. They can easily follow routine. They should sometimes break from routine to get health benefits. They easily get attached to people or things. Food and security have much important for them. Their primary organ is the chest. Pre dominance of Kapha often leads to excessive production of mucus. These people have tendency of congestion, sinusitis, sluggishness, weight gain, diabetes or water retention. They should always remain physically active and avoid fried or fatty foods, icy cool drinks, sweets and excessive amounts of bread. Fresh vegetables are good for them. They should try to bring excitement, change and challenge into their lives.


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