Sunday, 25 September 2011

Januhastasana - Knee-to-Hand Pose

The word "Janu" means 'knee' and "Hasta" means 'hand'. In this pose the hand is placed just beside the knee, hence the name.


  1. Sit down on the floor with your legs bent at the knees and folded backwards, soles upturned and toes touching the ground.
  2. Similar to Vajrasana, place the palms on the ground in front of the knees.
  3. Push your neck backwards, chest outwards and the waist downwards..
  4. Relax your entire body.
  5. Breathe normally.


  • People with stiff joints should avoid this posture.
  • Practice this pose only when joints have free movement.


  • This posture improves blood circulation to the waist and lower portion of the body.

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