Sunday, 25 September 2011

Janusirsana - Head to Knee Pose

"Janu" means 'knee' and "Sirsa" means 'head'. In this posture head and knees are brought close together.


  1. Sit straight up and assume Sukhasana.
  2. Stretch both your legs in front of you, fairly apart.
  3. Bend the right leg at the knee and fold the leg inside towards the left thigh.
  4. The outer side of leg and foot should be touching the ground.
  5. Press the sole of the foot with the right hand to push it closer to the perineum.
  6. Make sure your sitting posture is straight with the trunk and head erect..
  7. Inhale.
  8. While inhaling raise both the hands above the head palms facing outwards.
  9. Exhale completely.
  10. The knees should be kept straight.
  11. Inhale deeply and then start exhaling.
  12. As you exhale pull in your stomach and bend the upper part of your body forward and downwards towards the knee of the left leg.
  13. Keep your head in between your arms.
  14. As you are bending the trunk, extend your arms and try to reach for the toes of the left leg.
  15. Grasp the ball of the feet of the extended left leg.
  16. Take a deep breath.
  17. Exhale and while exhaling bend your trunk further down and push the knee down. Point the elbows outwards.
  18. Bending the head further downwards press the forehead on the left knee.
  19. Slide the elbows on both sides of the left leg so that the elbows now touch the ground.
  20. Make sure the inside of the left leg is stretched out and the underside of the knee should also be touching the ground..
  21. Hold your breath in this posture for as long as you comfortably can. Feel the strain in the underside of the extended leg.
  22. Now start inhalation. As you inhale bring the body to the starting position.
  23. Repeat the above steps with the legs in alternative position.


  • Sciatica and the solar plexus get great benefit from this pose.


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