Saturday, 24 September 2011

Purna Titali Asana - Butterfly Pose

The word "Purna" refers to 'complete' and "Titali" means 'butterfly' in Sanskrit. In this pose the legs are spread out the way a butterfly opens its wings in flight.


  1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front.
  2. Keep your head, neck and spine erect.
  3. Hold the ankles of the respective legs.
  4. Bend the legs at the knee and bring the feet closer to the body.
  5. The soles of both feet should be joined.
  6. Follow with one round of inhalation and exhalation.
  7. Pull the joined feet closer to the groin.
  8. Place both the palms on the respective thighs.
  9. Take a deep breath and press the thighs down.
  10. Remove the hands from the thighs and hold the feet together.
  11. Move the knees up and down without any support.
  12. Exhale.
  13. Do not lean in front or back while performing the pose.
  14. Close your eyes and breathing normally continue flapping the knees for as long as possible.
Note: Beginners can use cushions to support the knees.


  • People with knee pain should avoid this yoga pose.


  • The pose is known for its benefits in relieving stress and lifting your spirits.
  • Inner thighs get relaxed.
  • It helps overcome fatigue.
  • Purna Titali Asana soothes your legs.
  • It is also beneficial to the uro-genital system.


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