Friday, 23 September 2011

Savasana - The Corpse Pose

"Sava" means 'corpse' in Sanskrit. In this asana the whole body is relaxed by remaining motionless just like a dead body.


  • Always practice in a calm dark place.
  • Do not move any part of your body unless needed for relaxation.
  • Do not yawn at any point of time while practicing the pose.


  • This is the best asana to attain relaxation of mind and body.
  • The pose can serve as a stress buster.
  • It helps improve your work efficiency.
  • It rejuvenates your body.
  • Regular practice of Savasana helps overcome insomnia.
  • The physical and mental stress and strain during a hectic day can be suitably addressed through a few minutes practice of Savasana.
  • Savasana helps overcome fatigue.
  • Savasana alleviates headache, angina pectoris and dyspepsia.
  • Different pains and aches are effectively healed.
  • Spinal abnormalities are rectified.


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