Saturday, 24 September 2011

Simhasana - Lion Pose

"Simha" means 'lion' in Sanskrit. In this pose you assume the posture of a seated lion.


  1. Sit erect in Vajrasana.
  2. Keep your palms on the respective thighs.
  3. Raise your buttocks and criss-cross your legs, right leg over the left leg.
  4. Keep your head, neck and spine erect.
  5. Spread out your fingers on the knees.
  6. Inhale deeply.
  7. Open your mouth gradually.
  8. Exhale slowly and take out your tongue and stretch it out as much as possible. Make a "ha" sound like the roar of a lion from the back of your throat.
  9. Look up at your eyebrows.
  10. Make the roaring sound 2-3 times.
  11. Exhale and come back to starting posture.
  12. Alternate the cross of the legs and repeat.
Note: Beginners can perform this posture in Vajrasana.


  • Do not perform this pose if you have a knee injury.


  • It helps clear the air in the chest.
  • It can cure bad breath.
  • Blood circulation of neck muscles improves.
  • Simhasana helps relax chest and facial muscles.


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