Friday, 23 September 2011

Trikonasana - The Triangle Pose

In Sanskrit, "Tri" means 'three' and "Kona" means 'angle'. In 'Trikonasana' you assume a posture whereby your feet resemble the three sides of a triangle.


  1. Stand erect with your legs sufficiently apart and hands on both sides.
  2. Inhale and raise both hands to shoulder level. The palms should be facing downwards.
  3. Stretch your arms to the sides.
  4. Exhale slowly. Take a few normal breaths.
  5. Inhale deeply.
  6. Exhale slowly and twist your trunk at the waist to the left. The hands should remain straight and parallel to the floor. The feet should be firmly on the ground. Complete exhalation.
  7. Holding your breath maintain this posture for a few seconds.
  8. Take a deep breath.
  9. Exhale slowly and now bend your right hand downwards and try to touch the big toe of the left foot.
  10. Do not bend your knee.
  11. As you reach for the toe, turn your head and neck to the left.
  12. Place your right fingertips on your left toe.
  13. Stretch your left hand perpendicularly upwards.
  14. Turn your head down and gaze at the right toe. Shift your vision to the raised finger tips.
  15. Complete exhalation.
  16. Hold this posture for a few seconds.
  17. Inhaling slowly, get back to standing posture.
  18. Exhale and follow with a few rounds of normal breath.
  19. Repeat the same steps as above by twisting to the right changing the arms.
  20. You can thus carry out three rounds.
Note: If you are a beginner try to touch any portion of the leg as near to the toe as you can manage.


  • People with a slipped disc should not practice this yoga pose.


  • Trikonasana relieves pain of the knees, waistline, joints, hips, elbows and the neck besides back pain.
  • Trikonasana also boosts appetite.
  • The pose can cure constipation by enhancing bowel movements.
  • The hips and buttocks get toned.
  • The pose can rejuvenate you after a hard day.
  • Excess flab in the hips, waist and abdomen will be reduced with regular practice of Trikonasana.


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