Friday, 23 September 2011

Utkatasana - The Half-Squat Pose

The Sanskrit term 'Ut' means 'raised' and "Kata" refers to 'the hips'. In this pose the hips remain raised above the ground, hence the name.


  1. Stand straight with your legs fairly apart.
  2. Feet should be facing slightly outward.
  3. Raise your arms straight in front. The arms should be parallel to the ground at shoulder level.
  4. Palms should be turned downward.
  5. Inhale and gradually raise your body up by lifting heels from the ground.
  6. Keep raising the heels until your body is balanced only on your toes.
  7. Exhale and slowly lower your body.
  8. Keep your head and trunk erect.
  9. Rest your thighs on the respective calves.
  10. Place your posterior on the heels.
  11. Ensure the heels are still raised and do not touch the ground.
  12. Keep the toes erect as you squat.
  13. Spread your knees apart.
  14. Lower your hands and place the palms on the corresponding knees.
  15. Maintain your balance on the toes as long as you can.
  16. To exit, join your knees, and then raise your arms in front keeping them parallel to the ground.
  17. Inhale and now raise your trunk, keeping head, neck and arms straight.
  18. Ensure your body is balanced on the toes at all times.
  19. Stand up straight on toes.
  20. Exhale.
  21. Rest the heels on the ground to assume normal standing posture.


  • The toe muscles become stronger.
  • People suffering from stiff knees and hip problems can practice Utkatasana to facilitate their movement.
  • Utkatasana is beneficial for the muscles of the feet, ankles, calves, thighs and the hips.
  • Tendons of the legs get flexed and toned.


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