Friday, 23 September 2011

Vakrasana - Twisted Pose

"Vakra" means 'twisted' in Sanskrit. In this pose the practitioner's trunk gets twisted to the left and right sides.


  1. Sit erect on the floor with legs stretched in front.
  2. Keep your hands on either side with palms touching the ground.
  3. Fold your left leg at the knee and place it near the right thigh vertically.
  4. The sole should be lying flat on the ground.
  5. Your left thigh should be touching the chest.
  6. Place your left palm on the floor near the right palm. The fingers of both hands should be facing each other.
  7. Taking support of the palms, turn the upper part of your body towards the right.
  8. Try to look over your shoulder.
  9. Continue breathing normally.
  10. Stay in this posture until you feel the strain in your back.
  11. Return to original position by turning your neck and trunk and then lifting your left hand.
  12. Open out your left leg.
  13. Repeat the same steps as above changing sides and limb.


  • Vakrasana alleviates backaches.
  • The spine gets extended and attains elasticity.
  • Flab on the lateral side of the abdomen gets reduced.
  • Vakrasana is very beneficial to the nervous system.
  • Vital abdominal organs like the liver, spleen and intestine get toned.


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