Friday, 23 September 2011

Veerasana- Warrior Pose

"Veer" refers to 'warrior' in Sanskrit. In this posture the body assumes the position a warrior takes before attacking. Hence the name Veerasana or Warrior pose.


  1. Stand erect in Tadasana with legs joined together and arms by the sides.
  2. Stretch your left leg and place it in front while exhaling.
  3. Bend the left leg at the knee so as to form a right angle between the thigh and calf.
  4. Join the palms of your hands and place it on the knee.
  5. Keep the right leg straight.
  6. Inhale and raise both hands above your head.
  7. Stretch your arms further up.
  8. Bend the upper part of your body backwards.
  9. The inner side of upper arms should be touching the ears.
  10. Balancing your body, bend your neck and head downwards.
  11. Increase the curvature of the back to the maximum limit.
  12. Gaze up.
  13. The right leg should not bend and the sole of both feet should be on the ground.
  14. Stay in this posture till you feel the strain.
  15. Exhale slowly and straighten your trunk.
  16. Inhale and bring the hands down on the knees.
  17. Return your left foot to the original position aligned with the right foot, as you exhale.
  18. Relax and perform the same with your right leg stretched forward.


  • If you suffer from shoulder or neck problems, do not perform this yoga pose.


  • Shoulders, arms and legs gain strength.
  • Thighs and calves get extended and thus toned.
  • Spinal column becomes flexible with the practice of Veerasana.


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