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Yoga and Depression

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Have you ever felt sad without any reason? Have you ever felt that you have lost it and a feeling of emptiness has gripped you? Well! If yes, then you are actually suffering from depression. But you are not the only person suffering from depression. Around 121 million people across the world suffer from it. In fact, 80% of people who are depressed also suffer from anxiety.

However, if depression persists for a long time it can be detrimental for your life as it suppresses your energy and makes you disease-prone. Depression is the most common disease in this fast-paced world and the first thing that a depressed person does is reach for anti-depressant pills. This often leads to serious side effects.

In contrary, several studies have shown that doing regular exercise or Yoga can provide instant relief from depression because the yoga postures increase the levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which alleviates depression. This is absolutely true because a depressed person literally becomes immobile. He doesn’t move. But two to three poses of Yoga in a few minutes’ time, along with some breathing exercises, ticks you on and energizes you so much that you will want to move more and more.

Yoga exercises not only put pressure on glands and organs to produce chemical balance but also improve blood circulation. This pushes oxygen to your brain and muscles. Besides, the stretching and strengthening movements also flush toxins from the body.

The breathing exercises called pranayamas energizes the body and alleviate anxiety thereby creating a sense of calm and well-being. The breathing exercise known as ujjayi pranayama is best for healing depression.
On the other hand, the most recommended asanas for a depressed person are:
Regular practice of these yoga postures along with the pranayamas will protect you from depression. However, just remember that yoga alone cannot cure depression. You need to abstain from alcohol and drugs. You also need to follow a proper diet and sleeping pattern.
Depression can be viewed as a warning for you to protect your physical and mental health. It signals that it’s time for a change. Get rid of bad habits and lead a spiritual and healthy life.


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