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Bindumadhav Temple, Varanasi

(Recitation by Pt. Nageshwara Rao of Hyderabad.
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As per directions of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu travelled from Mandarachal to Kashi with a divine mission of making King Divodas leave Kashi (Kindly read Divodaseshwar).

After having accomplished his mission, Lord Vishnu was enjoying the serene beauty of Kashi, Pancha Nada Teerth, Padodak Teerth and other places.  At Pancha Nada Teerth, he came across one extremely lean looking Sage who was undergoing Tapas.

Lord Vishnu in his divine form approached the Sage whose name was Agni Bindu and stood in front of him.  The Sage, on seeing the Lord in person, was ecstatic and he prostrated before the Lord.  The Sage then started singing praises of the Lord.

The Sage addressed the Lord by various names like Mukunda, Madusudan, Madhav, Narayan, Rama Bhadran, Chatur Bhuj, Janardhan etc.  The Sage also mentioned that those who worship Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves or garland made of Tulsi Leaves will get lots of blessings.

After having sung all praises about Lord Vishnu, Agni Bindu Rishi stood silently with folded hands. Lord Vishnu asked the Sage to seek any divine boon. The Sage, in reply, sought only one thing: that  Lord Vishnu should always be available in the vicinity of Pancha Nada Teerth.

Lord Vishnu granted accordingly.  He further stated that Kashi is a Punya Kshetra and devotees can achieve several kinds of Siddhi by staying in Kashi.  Lord Vishnu further told that he would stay in Kashi as long as Kashi is present and there will be no destruction of Kashi, as this holy city is situated atop the Trishul (Trident) of Lord Shiva.  Therefore, even Maha Pralay (great deluge) cannot destroy the city.

Agni Bindu Rishi was extremely happy at this and sought one more divine boon from Lord Vishnu. He desired that Lord Vishnu should always be available in the vicinity of Pancha Nada Teerth in the name of the Sage. Further, a devotee who takes bath in Pancha Nada Teerth and even if he dies elsewhere, he should attain Moksha.  The Sage also sought that a devotee who bathes in Pacha Nada Teerth and worships Lord Vishnu should be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Lord Vishnu agreed to the request of the Sage.  He stated that henceforth he (Lord) will be known as Bindu Madhav in Pancha Nada Teerth.  By his presence, the Teerth will be extremely Sacred and devotees who bathe in this Teerth and honour learned persons, will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.
The Teerth, which is capable of cleansing all Sins, will be called as Bindu Teerth.  A person may have committed various sins, knowingly or unknowingly.  But if, during the Kartik Month, he religiously bathes in Pancha Nada Teerth and worships Bindu Madhav, he will attain Mukti.

Bindu Madhav

Kashi Khand, Chapter 60 has given in detail the importance of Kartik Month in respect to Pancha Nada Teerth.  Lord Visweshwar himself regularly takes bath in this Teerth during Kartik Month.

Lord Vishnu further stated that he (Lord) was called as Aadi Madhav in Sat Yug, he should be worshipped as Ananda Madhav in Tretha Yug, he would present himself in Dwapar Yug as Shree Madhav. In Kali Yug the Lord should be known by the name of Bindu Madhav.

Agni Bindu Rishi was extremely happy at the direct worship of Lord Vishnu and he prostrated before the Lord.


Bindu Madhav is located at No. K.22/37, Panch Ganga Ghat.  Devotees can approach this place by traveling upto Bhaironath in a rickshaw and walking on foot to this place. This is a famous temple.  Alternatively, they can travel by boat upto Panch Ganga Ghat and climb the steps.

Panch Nada Teerth is now known as Panch Ganga Ghat and there is lot of divinity attached to this month, especially during the month of Kartik.  For details refer to Pancha Ganga Ghat mentioned elsewhere.


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