Friday, 7 October 2011

Jalpesh Shiva temple

Location, Approach & Access
 : This place is around 25 km away from Jalpaiguri town and 8 km from Mainaguri. Taxi is available from Jalpaiguri and Mainaguri to reach this place. One can also hire van rickshaw from Mainaguri to reach this place.

Prime Attraction : The temple of presiding deity (Shiva) established in the year 1665 by the cooch king Prannarayan is the main point of attraction of this place.


Jalpaiguri - this narrow stretch of land lying between the Sikkim - Darjeeling Himalayas and Gangetic West Bengal has more than often evoked a sense of both eerie and romanticism in many a heart since the early British Rule. Veined by mighty rivers like the Teesta,Torsa, Jaldhaka, Dyna, Neora, Sankosh etc. this piece of land has been aptly named as the land of 'Tea, Timber & Tourism'. A major stretch of area is bordered in the north by Bhutan and hence the name - DOOARS/DUARS which mean - Door of Bhutan.

Rarely one can find a place like Jalpaiguri that is so potentially rich in tourism. But a major part of it still remains to be exploited. Turbulent rivers battling out of the steep gorges, the vast stretches of forest cover, the undulating span of Tea Estates and the panoramic grandeur of the Himalayas are only a few jewels that made the British ground their roots deep into the heart of this land. Just drive around or take a hike, never will your eyes feel to rest. If a tourist is a nature lover or an admirer of Wild Life there cannot be a better place than this for him. He can run wild in the various Sanctuaries, National Parks & Tiger Reserves that are on offer. Garumara N.P., Jaldapara W.L.S. etc. are only a few. One can leissure out his time by the sides of the turbulent rivers or simply roll through the Tea Gardens. The more adventureres ones may prefer to trek to Rupang Valley & Buxa-Duar in Buxa Tiger Reserve. Apart from these, there are very old temples like the Jalpeshwar and Jatileshwar. Persons seeking to smell history can take a look at the Prisoners call at the Buxa Fort area where fighters were imprisoned during the pre indepence era.

Places like Jainti, Murti, Santale Khola, Mongpong will get any tourists imagination run wild. Moreover this place gives any one the oppurtunity to access the Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas whose potential in this regard need not be mentioned.



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