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Krishnajanmabhoomi, Mathura


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Mathura caters to the needs of religious people with its splendid temples and also to the adventurous people through the Govardhan Hill. Trek up this mystical hill to get your adrenaline pumping!
The beautiful city of Mathura lying on the banks of the great river Yamuna is considered to be one of the most ancient cities known to mankind. The history of Mathura dates back to 1600 B.C. going by the archaeologists. The city is considered to be the birth place of Lord Krishna according to Hindu mythology. The city is one of the most prominent places in the epic Mahabharata. It is known as the ‘Athens of ancient India’.

The famous Greek traveler wrote about Mathura as the biggest kingdom rule by a small king in his book about his Indian odyssey ‘Indika’. He also described the people of Mathura as culturally rich and highly organized.

Mathura Attractions

A trip of two days would be sufficient for the city of Mathura. The main place of interest in Mathura is the Krishna Janma Bhoomi. There are two parts here. The first is the prison where Lord Krishna is said to have been born to his real parents, Vasudev and Janaki. They were held captives by the evil king Kamsa. Visit the prison cell on the first day of your trip.

The prison cell is the most sacred place for all Hindus because this is the only place where a God is believed to be born on earth. The prison is said to radiate positive energy. Then there is a temple outside the prison depicting Lord Krishna dancing with his beloved Radha. Take a small tour around the entire Krishna Janma Bhoomi and make sure you visit the temple by the end of the first day. You can also pay the Government Museum a small visit by the evening. This government museum in Mathura displays artifacts that date back to the B.C. The remains of the Maurya, Gupta and Kushan Empire are displayed here. There is also a Jama Masjid mosque built by Nabir Khan. This mosque is known for its beautiful minarets and the ceiling paintings. Ont he second day, visit other places like the Dwarakadeesh temple and the Mathura Jain temple complete the rich heritage of Mathura.

Other things to do

If religious and historical places can’t please you, you can venture out to the Govardhan hill and take a trek up to the Vishram Ghats where huge river turtles can be sighted. Lord Krishna is said to have slayed a number of demons in these areas and small temples are erected at all these places. The best time to visit this place is during September when Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated. The places brims with festive celebrations thought the month. The best souvenirs to take back home from Mathura are the idols of Lord Krishna at different stages of his life in Mathura. Also Mathura has a horde of famous handicraft emporiums and jewelry shops.

Reaching There

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Mathura is located nearly 50 kms away from Agra and 155 kms away from Delhi. Mathura is well connected to all the main cities of North India via rail as well as road. The nearest airport is at New Delhi, just a three hour journey. Nearby cities which are prominent are Agra, Gwalior and Alibargh. Mathura, though being an ancient city, is catching up with times by revamping its entire transport system and by introducing world class hotels to accommodate the heavy inflow of tourists.

Staying There

There are hotels to suit every one’s budget and necessities. Room rates start from 700 INR and can go up to 4500 INR. The best way of local transport is to hire an auto rickshaw for a day, which would cost around 500 INR. A two day trip for a couple to Mathura would roughly cost about 7000 INR. Mathura is the best place to go for those who love to explore religious places and practices in India!


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