Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sita Kund, Mirzapur


Sita Kund is one of the revered sites in the destination, which is associated with mythological legend of Ramayana. As per the legend, when Goddess Sita was thirsty on her voyage from Lanka, Lakshman pricked an arrow on the earth for water at this site. The water emerged in the form of a perennial spring. The revered tank known as Sita Kund is visited by devotees in large number, due to the holistic importance of the water. As per the belief of folklore, this water quenches thirst besides relieving visitors from misery. Sita Kund can be reached after a plight of 48 steps from the base. Along with the holy site, there is a Durga Devi Temple on the hillock.  


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