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Temples in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

  • Ram Janki temple,Hardoi
  • Balaji temple,Hardoi
  • Baba temple,Hardoi
  • Mangladevi temple,sandi ,Hardoi
  • Sharwandevi temple,Hardoi
  • Hatyaharan pilgrim ,sandila, Hardoi

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= Sree Ram Janaki Temple, Hardoi

= Baba temple,Hardoi

= Mangladevi temple,sandi ,Hardoi

=  Sharwandevi temple,Hardoi

 =Hatyaharan Pilgrim, Sandila



Hardoi is located at 27.42°N 80.12°E. It has an average elevation of 134 metres (439 feet).Hardoi district is contiguous of Shahjahanpur and Lakhimpur Kheri districts on the north, Lucknow and Unnao districts on the south, Kanpur and Farrukhabad districts on the west and Sitapur district on the east. Hardoi is located at 110 km from Lucknow (capital of Uttar Pradesh) and 394 from New Delhi (capital of India). The Ganges and several of its tributaries are crossing the south of Hardoi district. Its area is 5947 km². The record height is 500 ft. In 1995, Hardoi district had 5 km² of dense forest and 13 km² of open forest.

The great temple of God Shiva called as 'Baba Sunasirnath' is one of most alluring and venerated place in Mallawan region, people not only from Hardoi but even from other districts come to visit this heavenly place. According to people, some British officers tried to demolish this temple along with the 'shivalinga' but as soon as they hit the shivalinga, large no of snakes, bees and other poisonous creatures attacked them. All the Britishers fled away from that place and could never forget the horrific experiences of Sunasirnath temple.

Since then the region witnesses great rush mostly in the "sawan" month and local people worship the shivalinga everyday.


Name origin

People believe that the name Hardoi comes from distorted version of its earlier name Haridrohi, which is a Hindi word that means "anti to the God". According to a mythological story in past it was ruled by a king Hirnakashyap, who didn’t have faith in God, but instead declared himself as God. He wanted the people should pray him but later his own son Prahlad rebelled. He tried to kill his own son by various means but he was unsuccessful. Later, to save Prahlad, God himself came in disguise, such that he was neither human nor animal, and killed "HIRNAKASHYAP". According to some scholars the term "Hardoi" originated from the term "Haridwaya" which means two Gods. Since there were two Gods Baman bhagvan (in the regime of King 'BALI) and Narsimha Bhagvan (in the regime of King HIRANYAKASHIPU) had been incarnated hence the place called Haridwaya and later called Hardoi.



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