Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tilbhaandeshwa Shiva Temple, gauriganja, Varanasi

Kashi,the oldest living city on this planet, the city is having many 'Jagrit' (live) temples where one can realise the power supreme.

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Shri Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev is one of the many Jagrit temples of Kashi.The temle is situated at Pandey Haveli,near Bhelupur,Varanasi.

This is a temple of Lord Shiv. The Shiv Lingam of this temple is said to be shvambhu i.e. emerge by itself.

The Shiv Linga is said to emerge 2500 years ago.

It is mentioned in Shri Shiv Puran about the Shri Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev.The ShivLingam is said to increase by size of a 'til'.

This fact is proven scientifically and it is a miracle which can be seen by the eyes.Presently the visible part of the Shiv Ling is almost 3.5 ft. and the diameter of the base would be around 3 ft. (approx).

The exact height of whole Shiv Lingam is not known but it must be around 20 ft. There is a special silence in the temple unlike other temples. There is no 'panda' system so one can go to main GarbhGriah where the Shiv Ling is offered Jal and can sit and meditate in the feet of Lord.


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