Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Yoga and Backpain

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The most common medical complaint by people between the age group of 25 to 45 is back pain. Back pain is mainly caused due to the biomechanical imbalance in spinal structures. However, it can result from many other reasons too. It can happen from a slip disc or a damaged muscle or tore ligament. Back pains can also result from infections, tumors or bone spurs.

However, back pains can be cured or at least reduced to a great extent with the help of Yoga. It serves as a blessing in disguise for people suffering from back pain. Even renowned chiropractors and back specialists have accepted that yoga is much more effective than allopath or homeopathy medicine.
When a person does the yoga poses, his spine is strengthened and stretched which results in the reduction of back pain. Since most of the back pain occurs because the spine of a person is compressed and the back muscles tight and weak, the yoga poses are aimed at strengthening the spine and stretching the muscles. The yoga postures coupled with some scientific breathing techniques work systematically on the lumbosacral region. The relaxing breathing techniques reduce strain on muscles and joints and helps in the repositioning of tendons and muscle fibers. This is why in the absence of any effective treatment for back pain, yoga is the most sought after ‘medicine’.

However, before beginning with the yoga postures for back pain, it is better that you consult your doctor at least once to make sure that you don’t make matters worse for yourself. One also has to remember that yoga is not an instant relief provider; the results come slowly and steadily and hence you should have patience.

Now, the most important thing: All yoga poses do not relieve back pain. In fact, some of them can aggravate the existing pain. Hence, whenever you do yoga, it should be under the supervision of a proper instructor whether the instructions come in person or through the web videos.


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