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Fast Facts
State: Uttaranchal
District: Rudraprayag
Famous for/as: Pilgrim
Languages: Pahari, Garhwali, Hindi
Best Season: May - Sep
Weather: Summer 12 to 15°C, Winter -5 to 5°C
Altitude: 3497 m


A pretty location at the foot hills of lovely peaks, Madhyamaheshwar in the Gharwal region of the great Himalayas has an appealing elegance and pictorial surroundings. Blessed with unblemished and numinous surroundings, this diminutive locality is famed as the most scenic spot among the Panch Kedars.

Like all other pilgrim sites, Madhyamaheshwar also has a fabulous but interesting legend of its own. It says that after the Mahabharat war, the Pandavas decided to pay reverence to lord Shiva in order to absolve them from the sin of gotra hatya. Seeing the Pandavas, the Lord concealed himself as a bull and tried to pitch himself underneath but Bhima stopped the lord from doing so and as a result of the struggle different parts of Lord Shiva's body appeared at various places and it is believed that the middle portion had fetched here at Madhyamaheshwer.

A remote locale, Madhyamaheshwar trip would be full of escapades and adventure. A tedious but memorable trek through the mesmerizing ambience would truly be a once in a lifetime experience. As you move on from your base camp at Mansuna, the mystic beauty of the Gharwal range would be slowly began to unveil before you. Gushing streams, lustrous meadows and all around greenery, the unparalleled beauty of the surroundings would be awe inspiring. These breathtaking vistas, like the majestic peaks, magnificent rivers that you come across on your trip are only a precursor of what awaits you in Madhymaheshwar.

Incredible sceneries, and magnificent vistas of this snowy terrain are simply captivating and it would be quite hard to take one’s eyes away from it. It is a place where a sightseer experiences the splendor and exquisiteness of the Himalayas. In short, a voyage to Madhyamaheswar is not only a trip to a sacrosanct shrine but it also gets one all the way through a less exploited trail into a land where the appealing gorgeousness of the Himalayas emerge in its full grandeur.

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