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Mahasu Devta temple

The Mahasu temple is situated in the small village of Hanol in Chakrata, 105 kilometres from Dehradun, the state capital of Uttarakhand. A very ancient temple, it is believed to be built in 9th Century AD in Huna architectural style. The constructions and modifications over the years, however, rendered it a mixed architecture.

Situated on the eastern banks of the Tons River, this ancient temple is included in the list of Ancient temples around Dehradun by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Temple.

The Mahasu Temple is highly revered among the people of the Hanol village as well as the surrounding villages. This ancient temple is supposedly built in 9th Century AD by the people of the Village in honour of 
Mahasu Devata. The temple is built in Huna architectural style. The temple has, however, undergone many changes over time and has a mixed architecture now.


In the village of Hanol, once lived a man-eating demon called Kirbir, who used to eat any man who came within his sight. The villagers were terrified by the monstor and hopelessly made a deal with him to eat just one man a day. The demon agreed. So the villagers started sending one man a day to the demon to eat. Soon came the turn of a villager called Uma Bhatt, a Brahmin and devotee of Lord Shiva, who had 7 sons. One by one he started sending the sons to the demon and on the 7th day when he was to send his last son, he couldn’t take it anymore and prayed to lord Shiva for help.

The lord, impressed by Uma, sent one of his female devotee Deolari Devi to help. The woman had four sons, who came to help the villagers and went to find the demon.

When they found the demon, they surrounded him and started attacking. The battle between the four brothers and the demon went on for days. Finally, the demon was killed and the villagers rejoiced. It was in the honour of these four brothers that the four temples were built: Mahasu devata, Pavasi Devta,Vasik Devta, and Chalda Devta - respectively named after four brothers.

Mahabharata Epic

It is said that King Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kaurava brothers, on his visit to Kashmir and Kullu came to this place, and was so enchanted by it that decided to stay here. He prayed for a piece of land from Mahasu Devta, who impressed by his devotion, made him the King of the area. The King made Jakholi the capital and built the Mahasu Devata Temple in honour of the deity.


Mahasu Devata Fair:

In the month of August, a very auspicious fair is held which is attended by a large number of locals as well people from surrounding places. In the temple there is placed a Shivaling, which is taken out in a procession. The prayers go on for three days and nights, and include singing and dancing by performers, from all over the region.

Two spherical stones:
Interestingly, the temple has two spherical stones of around one metre diameter. The story goes that only those who are pure at heart can lift the stones. True or not, they provide a good fun for the visitors who try either their might or purity.


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