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Aratturai Nathar Temple at Tirunelvayil

Tirunelvayil Arathurai is 10km from Pennadam. Sambandar was visiting temples and singing in praise of the Lord as a child. The Lord gave Sambandar Pearl Palanquin & Pearl UMbrella (Muthu Chivikai & Kudai) so that he can travel in ease. This is the sthalam to visit to get fame, recognition and andhasthu.

When Thirugnana Sambandar was visiting the temples in Cauvery River, he has to stay in Eraiyur Temple as it was past dawn. He was hungry. The Amball(goddess) came to him and gave food. When he was eating he got hiccups. It is then the Lord Shiva appeared and created a pond for him to drink(Now part of the pond is taken over by the Co-Operative Society for its building. This is the pond which we used to see full of water during rain seasons just infront of ASHS School in Eraiyur)

Because the Goddess gave food the Goddess was from then called as "Anna Poorani" and because the Lord Shiva gave water and quenched his thirst, he was named as "Thaakam Theertha Pureeswarar". 

In the night, in Thirugnana Sambandar's dream, Lord Shiva came and told that Thirugnana sambandar does not have to walk anymore as he is just a child. Instead Lord Shiva has asked a thanavandar (A Big Business Man with lots of money) in Thiruvattathurai or "Thirunel vaayil arathurai" to give him a "Muththu Chivigai" - a pallackku(cart carried by humans in thier shoulders) decorated with pearls.

In the morning, Thirugnana sambandar did not wait for the "Muththu Chivigai" to arrive. He started his journey. A Big Surprise was on its way for him. Lord Shiva has told the thanavandhar in Thiruvattathurai to send a "Muththu Chivigai" for Thirugnana sambandhar. They met Thirugnana Sambandar at a place called "Koodalur"(Or Gudalur). 

From there on, Thirugnana sambandar travelled to many places in Muththu Chivigai and also wrote a poem on Lord Shiva in Thiruvattathurai or "Thirunel vaayil arathurai".

The Major River that flows through Virudhachalam or Virudhagiri to Pennadam or Penn Aavu Kadam to Eraiyur to Thiruvattathurai, Thittagudi and Thozhudur... is named as Vellaaru - Vellai Aaru - Means: White River.

How to Reach Theertha Pureeswarar (Aratturai Nathar) Temple:
This temple is located 6 Kms to the south-west of another paadal petra sthalam Pennadam. One has to travel by Pennadam - Thittakudi road and reach a place called Kodikalam. A branch road from here goes to this sivasthalam which is about 3 Kms. from Kodikalam.

Theertha Pureeswarar (Aratturai Nathar) Temple Information:
Arulmighu Arathurai Nathar Temple
Tiruvatturai Post
Thittakkudi Taluk
Cuddalore District
PIN 606111


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