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Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode

Location of the templeTiruchengode
Lord Shiva known asMaathoru Paagar, Arthanareeswarar
Female deity known as
PathigamSambandar - 1
How to reachThis Shivasthalam is situated 18 Kms from Erode and 32 Kms from Namakkal. Bus facilities are available from Erode, Salem and Namakkal to go to Tiruchengode.
Temple addressArulmighu Arthanareeswarar Temple
Namakkal district
PIN 637211

Temple Gopuram

Temple inside view

Ghat road to temple

This Shivasthalam was known as Kodimaada Chenkundrur during the time of Sambandar's visit to this temple. Now known as Tiruchengode, it is famous for its hill and the temple on the top. The hill is 1900 feet height from the mean sea level. A motorable ghat road is also available to go to the top of the hill and one can reach the temple by bus or car. Another way to reach the temple is to alight 1200 steps to the top of the hill. There are many mandapams on the way for people to take rest. Once on top of the hill, the main Gopuram (Tower) with 5 tiers is on the north side of the hill. The compound wall of the temple is 260 feet length east to west and 170 feet length north to south.

The main shrine for Lord Shiva known as Maathoru Paagar and for Lord Subramanya known as Chengottu Velar is located on a flat surface atop the hill. The image of the main deity is 6 feet in height, the right half of the image as male and left half of the image as female. Hence the main deity is also known as Arthanareeswarar. Chengottu Velar shrine is on the back side of the main sanctum sanctorum. The sculptures found in the mandapam in front of the Chengottu Velar shrine are of intricate designs and workmanship. Saint Arunagirinathar has also composed Thirupugazh on Lord Subramanya here.


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