Friday, 16 December 2011

Ayyappan Temple at Chennai (Mahalingapuram)

LOCATION OF THE TEMPLE:   Sri Ayyappan Temple,is situated at Mahalingapuram(SEE IN MAP), Chennai, the headquarters of Tamilnadu, India. 
HISTORY OF THE TEMPLE:  A few Ayyappa devotees of Nungambakkam to form the Sree Ayyappa Bhaktha Sabha in 1968. They wanted to conduct weekly bhajans and 'vilakku pooja' during Mandalam/Jyothi period.

The sabha's original aims were to spread the worship of Lord Ayyappa by doing selfless socio-religious activities, to try to have a premise of its own to perform religious activities, to help the pilgrims going to Sabarimala and the like. In the early 1970s, the sabha constructed a temple complex on a plot donated to it by Lady Madhavan Nair.

Old-timers speak of the citing of a garuda (hawk) flying thrice above the temple when Ayyappa's idol was installed by the high priest of Sabarimala on March 25, 1974. They take the sighting as a divine blessing, keeping in mind the garuda of Erumeli.

DIVINESS OF THE TEMPLE: This temple that is fashioned in the Keralite style lies in Chennai. A lot of pujas are conducted here during Nov-Dec. This temple is a fine example of the Kerala art and architecture. Sri Guruvayurappan, Sri Devi are also enshrined. The temple priests are Keralites who conduct puja in the Keralite fashion.

AUSPICIOUS DAYS:    The two important festivals of the temple are those of Guruvayoorappan, which starts on October 28 and ends on November 4, and of Ayyappa, during December/January. Both festivals end with 'arattu' on the Marina. In addition to the two festivals, 'prathishta' days and daily poojas are also conducted in the temple.


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