Friday, 17 February 2012

Maha Vishnu sleeps?

It is often depicted that God like Vishnu sleeps and wakes after His sleep in Puranas?

Sleeping of God should not be considered like a ordinary task like humans. It is called Yoga-Nidra. Lord Vishnu Himself tells the secret behind this Yoga-Nidra in Gita Mahatmya: Chapter One. Please read it below:

Lord Vishnu said, “My dear Lakshmi, I am not sleeping, but I am watching how wonderfully My energy is working. It is by this wonderful energy of Mine, by which I am controlling all things, and yet remain separate (which is the leela of God who is one and only one). And it is by remembering these divine activities or power of Mine, that the great devotees and yogis manage to free themselves from the wheel of birth and death, and attain that transcendental nature of Mine, which is eternal and free from all qualities.”

Lakshmi said, “O, controller of all things. You are the goal of the meditation of great yogis. Nothing can go on without You. And yet You are separate. You are the cause of creation, maintenance and destruction of all the material universes. Kindly inform me about the workings of Your wonderful energies, which are so attractive, that even You are lying here, meditating upon them”

Lord Vishnu said, “My dear Lakshmi, the workings of My multi-fold energies, and how to become free from the bonds of birth and death, and attain My eternal Nature, can only be understood by one of pure intelligence, who has an inclination to render service unto Me. This transcendental knowledge is fully explained in the Srimad Bhagavad-gita”.


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