Sunday, 21 June 2015

Karnavedha - 9th Shodasa Samskara

Wearing earrings is a common practice in many ancient cultures. The ear lobes have an important acupressure point. Neurologists in the west have done research linking the earlobes to two hemispheres of the brain.

Piercing ears is believed to help in developing intelligence and enhancing immunity against respiratory infections. Often in India when prostrating to Lord Ganesha, we gently tug at our ear lobes while doing sit-ups. This ancient practice is now being taught as a very popular yoga technique in the west to enhance intelligence and awareness in children.
Susruta says “Ears of a child should be bored for protection (from diseases in his opinion) and decoration”. He explicitly prescribes the boring of years for preventing of hydrocele and hernia. Thus, it is a precaution taken in early life so that the chances of the above diseases may me minimized later. 

The ceremony was performed on the 10th, 12th or 16th day after the birth according to Brhaspati. Different learned men have prescribed different days. Susruta prefers the 6th or 7th month taking physical facility into consideration. Susruta says a surgeon should pierce Ears while Sripati, a medieval writer says it should be the goldsmith.

The ceremony per say is simple. On an auspicious day the ceremony was performed in the first half of the day. The child was seated facing the east and given some sweets. Then the right ear was bored with the verse; “May we hear auspicious things through ears”. Susruta gives a very cautious procedure to the ceremony. After boring oil should be applied to the ears by means of a cotton thread or bougie.

On the day of performance Kesava (lord Vishnu), Hara (siva), Brahma, the sun, the moon, deities of quarters, nasatyas, Saraswati, the Brahmans and cows are revered. 


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